Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure.....

Well, now that all of the good shows are off the air for the summertime, I have found myself completely intrigued with "So You Think You Can Dance"! Some of the dances are really cool and some of them are...well...weird. Last night they had some guy on there dancing around and sticking his head out like a bird. That was really strange. But, entertaining nonetheless!
Also, I watched that show, Celebrity Circus. Again, weird. There is one judge on there who is gay and proud of it and feels that he needs to remind us he is gay everytime he judges a male performance. He's like "I'm not busy next week, so call me!" and "I'd like to thank your momma for making you- you are hot!". How is that judging someone again??! Then, there is this weird female judge, who apparently has been doing the trapeze for 20-some years and she felt the need to stretch her leg high above her head to show off that she can do a "split".
It was all kind of like being in the twilight zone, honestly.
To bring me back to reality, Alex made me one proud mommy yesterday! Her softball team was ranked number 7 out of 8 teams (it's the first year all the girls on her team have played softball). Most of the other teams have played for a while and been together a long time. Well, they somehow made the playoffs and beat out the number 1 team last night and are now in the big championship game on Sunday! It's such a rush seeing these girls play! Alex is starting to get really competitive now, too. She hit a "grounder" instead of a "triple" yesterday and got out and started crying because she was mad at herself :( I had to remind her this was her first year playing and it's all about having fun!
The latest news on my little boy - HE SLEPT 7 HOURS STRAIGHT LAST NIGHT!!! For that, I am posting the cutest picture ever!


Dolly said...

Toni, that IS the cutest picture ever. What a sweet and happy little boy! Good for him (and you) for sleeping 7 hours straight.

Congrats to Alex's team too! She's probably a little Toni playing softball!

Tonya said...

Okay..that just may be the cutest picture ever! I too got roped into celebrity circus..what the heck? Is this really what we have to resort to for the summer? And I think the word celebrity is a stretch..

The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

I am alive! I am sorry I did not return your call. I only had 1 message on my cell. I am off to Lynchburg/Roanoke this weekend. I will update you and my blog when I return. Hope all is well! The pic of Aaron is adorable!