Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Swap 2011- Alex - Thank you Jennifer!

This was Alex's first ever blog swap! She was so excited she got to participate!
Jennifer C. had Alex and it's like she KNEW her or something! Crazy! Alex's favorite thing in the whole wide world is C-A-N-D-Y! Yeesh- to be able to eat all that candy and not gain a pound! Anyhow, Jennifer's swap gift to Alex was PERFECT and I took pictures of everything for you!
Alex wanted me to give a "totes"- (teenage slang for "totally")"cool" shout out to Jennifer for getting her such a great Valentine swap gift!

I did cover up the addresses with some paper when I took the picture, but it just looks prettier with hearts :)

Look at that packaging! The note inside said "Dear Alex, Welcome to your first blog swap! I hope you enjoy these little goodies and I also hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!"

After she opened the tissue paper, this was what was right on top! Some cut window clings and Peeps hearts!

Alex with her window clings (which are so proudly displayed on my front door right now!)

Some Jolly Rancher gummies and the Peeps!

This is so funny- I just noticed that every picture I took looks exactly the same-except this one- Skittles and Starburst are Alex's favorite candy in the whole wide world! Can you tell??!!

An adorable little hair brush, some lip gloss and a rockin' pair of fuzzy socks!

Some great smelling body lotion and a couple of scrubbies! Thank the LORD! I've never seen anyone go through scrubbies like this girl!

And what do you think was on the bottom of the box? Yep- you guessed it!

Thank you so much Jennifer! You rock! -From: Alex


Denise said...

Cute post of a Cute "mini me Toni." Great idea swap gift Jennifer! You can never go wrong with candy! And me love me some fuzzy socks!

Hey Alex, I'm also a BIG fan of your shirt. When you're done with it send it our way. I've got 3 Logan's here that are LCA Bulldogs! LOVE IT!

HPS said...

Good job Jenny! We LOVE those window clings round here! Isn't it fun to get these teenagers?!?! I was gonna comment on that Logan Bulldog shirt for Denise! She needs 7 of those pronto. Also, I need to brush up on my teenage lingo cuz that's the 1st time I've heard totes. :) Cute!

Nikki said...

Good gifts Jennifer. Perfect tenager gift - candy and fuzzy socks. :) That black and white damask packaging tape is too cute! I need some of that!

Dolly said...

Girls, I'm impressed with all the packaging and pretty tape and I love the hearts Toni! haha!
Alex IS a mini me of Toni. So funny! This was the perfect teenager gift. Great job Jennifer! So glad Alex was included in this swap. These kids are growin up!

Donna said...

Alex DOES look like Toni! I can't believe how bit she's gotten.

Perfect gifts, Jenifer!

Toni R. said...

Ha! Ha! Thanks ladies! The shirt is from American Eagle. It is reallllly old! I've always been partial to it because of the Bulldogs! Lol!!!

Jennifer said...

Yea! So glad Alex got her gift and hopefully she hasn't made herself sick yet by eating all the candy. :) Let me just say that I loved buying for a teenager! Denise, hook me up with Alex for the next blog swap, k? :)

And Alex, thanks for the totes shout out...back at ya! :)

HPS said...

OK. I'm totes gettin on my sister's nerves cuz I've been saying totes to her alllll day. :)

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