Sunday, January 30, 2011


So, I watch The Bachelor, The Office, Outsourced, American Idol and I can now definitely say that I am seriously the BIGGEST fan of Dexter! Yea...I can get a little raunchy at times (Debra and her filthy mouth!), but I am willing to overlook that because the story is just SO unique and intriguing! I have watched season one and tonight, Eddie and I will finish watching season 2! I have literally been on pins and needles since last night! Why haven't I started watching this show sooner?! Oh yea...that's right. I don't subscribe to Showtime! Lol!
If you haven't watch it, basically, the premise is that Dexter is a serial killer who works for the Miami Metro Police Dept. as a blood analyst. He only kills bad guys, though. (you know...because that's "ok"). Anyhow, I am literally on the edge of my seat at the end of EVERY single episode and I just want to keep watching!
Anyhow, I just had to say that! Lol!
This week was really busy. February is gonna be a crazy busy month! I am getting all kinds of crafty over here for Valentines Day!
My all time favorite craft site is . I get SO much inspiration from that lady and all her crafts!
My friend and I are going to be teaching some couponing seminars this Spring, so all of you Richmonders who would like to learn to coupon, but find it a little overwhelming, be on the look out! We are going to make it REAL easy for you :) I have been thinking about doing this for quite some time, but lately, I've just gotten a TON of folks asking me to teach them how to do what I do, so I thought...."why not?" I LOVE saving money and I love sharing deals with others so that they can save money as well :)
To be continued....... ;)

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