Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello..My name is Toni...and I STINK at blogging!

The first step is admitting it, right??!! Lol!!!
It's just not something I think of doing in my spare time- AT ALL! Usually if I have spare time, I am cleaning my house, organizing my coupons- for probably the millionth time that week- or playing with my kids.
By the way, Alex is 13 now! A full-blown teenager! Luckily, she is so not into boys or anything. She would MUCH rather have candy, clothes, shoes....all the "girly" stuff ! I DREAD the day she puts boys in front of all of that! She is a handful, though! She is just like me when I was her age! She is constantly playing jokes and pranks on people. Some of them are great, some of them are....well....not. One night, she and her friends ran around the neighborhood at like 10pm "ding-dong ditching" people's houses. hilarious, right? (pardon my sarcasm) On a lighter note, she is so tall! Mind you, she just turned 13 a few weeks ago and she is 5ft. 8! She TOWERS over me! She wears a womens 11/5 shoe size! Unfortunately, she hates basketball (because the shorts are too long and ugly--go figure!), but is open to the idea of volleyball. Some teachers have told me that with her height, she could play on the high school volleyball team in 8th grade next year! Which reminds me, I need to call school about the try-out process for that!
Aron will be 3 in April!! He is so stinkin' smart that it scares me! He can spell his name, tell me his b-day, recognize all of the alphabet letters AND their sounds and oh...I could just go on! One thing that is REALLY setting us back is potty training! I have tried everything and he would much rather just go in his diaper. At first he wouldn't go because he said the seat was cold. Sorry dude. The children's potty's don't come with seat up or stand! Well, that didn't work too well. Bribery was next. I offered to make him an entire cake just for himself! Nope! That didn't work either. I know I should wait until he is "ready", but he goes to preschool with me and he will be held back if he is not potty trained :( It's not a punishment or anything....the 3-year old preschool room doesn't have a changing table. So, until he is potty trained, he will have to stay in the 2-year old room :( Hopefully he will WANT to do it when he sees his friends moving on. We'll see.
And yes, I am still the lead Pre-K teacher at my school. It will be a year on 2/11 that I have been there. I opened the school and it has been really cool to see it grow so much. I go in at 6:30am and leave at 12noon. Eddie brings Aron to school at 8am on his way to work. That makes for a crazy morning for him every day, but he manages. I still work one day a week at the YMCA. I have been working there for 3 years this year! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE working there! I will never leave that place!
That's about all I can think of for now. I am really going to try to get back into this. If nothing else, just once a week!
I think the most challenging part for me is uploading the pictures. Why can't I just import a picture from my computer? I HATE that I have to switch it to HTML format and THEN import it. That is super time consuming!
So, thought I'd throw in some random photos that took me about 20 minutes to put in here! Enjoy!
Aron- marveling at my beautiful painting at the Y! HAHA!
Alex- at Christmas time
Me- Can I ever have just a picture of just me? Nope.

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