Monday, December 1, 2008

These are a few of my "favorite" trees......

Ok.....deep breaths.....
I haven't gotten my Christmas Tree yet this year, because I am up in the air as to how I want to decorate it. I am so sick of the "same 'ole, same 'ole" every year!
Anyhow, I wanted to get some creative ideas, so where did I go to look, you might ask? The 2008 Worldwide Christmas Tree Contest, of course! (You really have to go to this website when you have some time. It is hilarious!)
I thought they would DEFINITELY have some REALLY GREAT trees there! UUUUUUMMMMMMM.....yea....well.....lets just say I don't feel so bad about my "same 'ole, same 'ole" tree anymore! Here are some of my "favorites":

Here we have the classic upside down tree (I thought that was just a "Y2K" thing??

Do you see what I see????? Are you serious???

Why even try? Definitely not contest worthy:

I think there is a tree under there somewhere:

Holy Ribbons!:

Hmmmm..."crafty"...but not something I'd want to put presents under:

How many tissues do you think they had to go through for this one?? I call this one, the "Space Saver":

Okay...this IS a Christmas Tree contest, guys! This living room just SCREAMS "Close Encounters of a Third Kind"!

I give this one an "A" for most decorations used in a background:

This is what Christmas Trees will look like in the future (even matches his "trendy" clock):

And in all seriousness, here is pretty much the ONE tree I found on there that I liked, but unfortunately, there is no way I could pull it off!:

7 comments: said...

Toni I'm laughing out LOUD at your comments! Those are hilarious. The upside down tree - what in the world? And "Holy Ribbons" is RIGHT! I'm going to check out that contest.

ps - I mailed your package today! (said in a sing-songy voice!) :) said...

Alright, so I just checked it out...did you see the pink and purple barbie tree? Seriously people!

Toni Rivera said...

Yes! I saw that one! There are so many "good" ones on there!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Happy Four said...

Toni, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Popping over to say hello and invite you back anytime you have a moment to browse. I love your blog. My favorite two trees are the last two. The second from last is pretty cool looking, but think it HAS to be in a home free of children and pets. said...

Did you get it yet? I'm on pins and needles here!!! I hope you get it today, if not it will be there Monday. :) said...

Toni, I got the SAME lounge socks today from Kristi that you gave to Hannah! I love them. Okay, I'm getting worried. Where is your package??? I hope there's not any "fishy" mailmen out there!

disa said...