Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas!!.....To ME!!!!!!!

Wooohooo!!!!! My blogswap gift game today!!!! Could the post office have been ANY slower in getting this package to me??! Angela had me and she sent it on December
3rd and today is the 10th! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting! Every day I hear the mail truck pull up and I would go to look out my window to see if they would be delivering a box to my door. it FINALLY happened!!!! I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!!

I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure my mail lady thinks I'm crazy. Hand over that box, woman!


This girl went ALL out!!! First off, I have known Angela since we were about 10 years old or so. I remember the first time I met her, we played Hungry Hungry Hippo's and we were acting really loud and crazy! I was SO glad there was someone else out there that enjoyed my quirky humor (other than me, of course)! We went to school together, cheered together...I could go ON and ON..... Anyhow, my point is that it is really special to me that I was chosen as the recipient of her swap!
Thank you so much Angela!

Now, onto the goods:
As soon as I got my package in the house, I plopped on the floor and ripped it open!

First, check out that packaging!

The first thing I grabbed were these babies! I LOVE me some Ande's Candies!!! I love using these to make these cookies!

Next, I saw this beautifully wrapped candle that smells like Christmas Cookies! It's already lit and the aroma of cookies are in the air!!!

Next, I grabbed this. I didn't want to unwrap it, but I'm glad I did! It was Mint 3 Musketeers!!! Yummy!!!!

Here we have some snowflake plates and napkins! Perfect for Christmas or winter parties!

A gift card to Starbucks (wonderfully wrapped, I might add!) and I LOVE Starbucks!

I used to subscribe to this magazine, but since I stopped working full-time, it was one of the things we had to cut back on, so I am SO glad to have it! I think I'll take this up to Starbucks tomorrow while I drink my Peppermint Latte!

Now that the cold weather is approaching, I'll be needing these! They are so soft and pretty!

And last but not least, a warm, red, fuzzy blanket to snuggle in next to my fireplace!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH, Angela! You are awesome!

9 comments: said...

YAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm so GLAD if finally came!!! I was just jumping up and down at my computer squealing when I got your comment. Paul and the boys were at the dinner table eating and I read every word to them and showed them the post.

YOU ARE HILARIOUS grabbing that package out of the post lady's hand! Thank you for all the sweet things you said about me. Ditto! You are in just about every childhood memory I have. You still make me laugh! Merry Christmas Toni! Love ya!!!

Donna said...

Toni! I'm laughing at the picture of you and your mail lady!! Do you know her? She probably thought you were so funny.

Angela--GOOD JOB! You really got a bunch of good stuff in that box. I love the cookie candle. I can just smell it.

Denise said...

Toni you are SOOOO funny. Way to get the mail lady in the picture. I laughed as soon as I saw it!

And, a small side note--I forgot that you, Angela and Dolly were cheerleaders together. Memories....

Anyway, ANGELA,clap clap clap! You did very good! I think all those gift baskets you put together for your house guests really helped you do a great winter swap gift! As we always say around the "Reber" table after bdays or Christmas "TO THE GIFT GIVER," as we hold up our glasses of water or sweet tea.

Toni--back to the mail lady. She looks really nice. I miss the mail carriers up in our old neighborhood in old Virginny. They are always so friendly.

timandmichelle (timandshelly) said...

I love that you posed for a pic with the mail lady...authentic joy!!! Great gifts also.

Toni Rivera said...

Ha! Ha! I thought that picture of me and my post lady would get a lot of comments! Alex took the picture and when we got back in the house, I said "That post lady must think I'm crazy" and Alex (under her breath) just kind of said in a "jingly" voice "She's not the only one.."

Happy Four said...

The photograph of you and the delivery employee is a hoot! Can I just say how jealous I am that I sat this swamp out. I did the fall one and will be back on the wagon for the next. You got awesome items and I am going to make the cookie recipe you linked to. I love to cook and bake so thanks for that!

Merry Christmas :) said...

Toni, I was just reading your comment on Bella-Mella. What is this business about you NOT owning an apron??? We've got to fix that! I will pick one of mine and send it to you. I'm not promising it won't be stained, or vintage, but I think that makes them more fun. :)

The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

I love the little traffic feed on the side. You sure have a lot of visitors to your blog! WOW!

HPS said...

Ya'll are so cute. you did great, Angela. You got the same socks that Toni gave me AND Toni got the same mints she gave me. Great minds think alike. Enjoy, Toni!