Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yea, I'm a slacker!

Whew! I really do love summer, but I sure am glad school is back in session! I love being on a schedule. The summertime just kind of seems like a "free for all" or something!!!
Things are still just as hectic as ever, though! Lol!
Yesterday after my daughter came home from school, she told me that some lady at the bus stop claimed she had a son who went to Alex's school and then proceeded to ask Alex and another boy where they lived and if they ever needed a ride home, to "give her a call" and she then pointed to the house down the street where she lived.
Does anyone else find this creepy at all????!!! Not to mention, she was there in the morning for the buss pick up AND during the drop off!
So, yours truly called school to question them about how I should go about handling such a situation.
They said they would "look into it". Which, usually means "I'll write it down on a post-it and then give it a good home in the trash can with all the other complaints".
Well, 20 MINUTES later, my doorbell rang and a Henrico county police officer was on my porch! It was funny, because I wasn't expecting him to pay my family a visit until Alex was AT LEAST 16 years old!
Anyhow, after I opened the door, he asked if he could come in (as he walked past me into my living room). Ummmm....sure...make yourself at home. Bathroom is down the hall and since your here, would you mind changing the trash for me??!
Seriously!! HE just barged right on in!
In any event, he wanted to question Alex about what she saw! The whole time she just kept saying how "cool" it was that a policeman was in our living room. "This is so cool! We've never had a police officer in our house before"!
Easy child!!! Let's not make a habit of this, ok??!
So, he questioned her and left.
The next morning at 7:25am, our doorbell rings, he helps himself inside (again) and of COURSE I'm looking like every other person looks at 7:25am!.....pajamas, no bra, hair in a messy bun, no make-up....yadda..yadda..yadda....
Then, he told me that they found the lady and that she does have a son that goes to the same school and he never leaves the house and she was trying to find him some victims friends for him. My question is...WHO DOES THAT??!!!
UGhh.....I really can't wait to get my car in a couple of weeks! Alex is NOT going to be riding the bus for much longer!
Also, I am losing the battle on my "no cell phone until you are driving" policy!
The police officer told Alex to make sure her cell phone is on as soon as she gets off the bus. Like it's not even a question that she has one?!!!! When I told him she didn't have a cell phone, he acted like those words don't even go together in the same sentence! " phone....bus....middle school..."
I get it! EVERYONE has a cell phone except Alex! Sorry!!! I just don't like seeing these kids texting every minute of the day!
So, alas, she will be getting a pre-paid cell phone with a whopping $5 dollars on it to call me in the event of an emergency.
UGhg......well, that's what's going on in my life right now!
Exciting, huh??!!

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