Sunday, September 27, 2009

an "off" week

Since Alex started middle school this year, her schedule has gotten SO busy!
I am kind of glad, though. Better busy than so bored that you have to "find" something to do!
I am so thankful for our church that they have so many different programs for her to get involved in. We all head to church on Sunday, of course, but then she has Bible study there on Monday nights with all girls her age, then she has youth group on Wednesday night. Right now she is on a youth retreat in West Virginia. It is just so exciting to see her growing in the Lord! I really think it is so important to be surrounded by christian friends. Especially when you are in a public middle school!
Anyways, with Alex gone on this retreat, Aron has been acting so weird. I think he really misses his sister. She always plays with him. Eddie and I play with him too, but not the way "sissy" does!
So, we decided to go to Trader Joe's for their "one year birthday". He was kind of fussy at the store, so they gave him a balloon. Let me tell you, he held that balloon forever! We went to Chick-fil-A afterwards and he was screaming when we tried to leave the balloon in the car, so we thought it's not worth the fuss, so we let him bring it in. Again, he will NOT let go of this balloon! Everytime he reached for a nugget, his balloon would fly up to the ceiling and he would scream! (it was tied to his wrist, though). we get home and let him watch a little of his favorite show, Thomas and Friends. He is STILL holding this balloon!
He finally let go of his balloon when it was time to get ready for bed.
The next night before bed while Eddie was reading him a story, Aron didn't want him to stop! I think he read the book like 3 times, already! Check out the hissy fit my little guy threw when he stopped reading!
I could not believe this was my happy baby boy!!! I think he was overtired and missing sissy.
Alex comes home today and we ALL can't wait!!!!
For your viewing pleasure, the madness has been captured below:



The Goldsmith's Gazette said...

That was hilarious! I know I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny. He is getting so big, what a BIG BOY!

Donna said...

Yes, it's VERY funny when it's not your child! Hey, at least he enjoys reading books!! I love that picture of him with his balloon!