Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheesiest show......ever!

My daughter is your typical "tween". She loves the Jonas Brothers....commonly known as "Jonai". Anyhow, they have a new tv show on Disney and it has to be absolutely the CHEESIEST thing I have ever seen! I mean, just going to the website should give you a clue! "The brothers that ROCK together, ROLL together"....isn't that sweet?! Pardon my sarcasm.
As I'm sitting here at the computer, my daughter is over there watching this junk. From what I can hear, the three brothers all like this one girl who works at a pizza place.
Of course, what would a Jonas Brother show be without their music? Yep, that's right. Now they are singing a song "I fell in love with the pizza girl and now I eat pizza every day"...
I am NOT making this up! This is the worst thing ever....yet....I can't look away.......

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