Monday, January 18, 2010

Whats new w/me?!

Holy Moly! I just realized it's been months since I blogged!
Lets see...I (along with MILLIONS of other people) started Weight Watchers (only I did it in December instead of January). So far, I'm down 7 pounds!
I am running in the Monument Avenue 10K this year and I'm training with the YMCA!
So far, so good! Although, I don't think running in 30 degree weather is my favorite!
Alex turned the big 1-2 in December! I can't believe this is her last year of being a child :(
Aron will be two in April! I can't believe it!
I was in our church's huge Christmas production, called "GCN" (Glorious Christmas Nights)! This thing was huge! I'm talking TRBC Living Christmas Tree huge! Over 800 people in the production!
Anyhow, I made some really good friends and I joined the choir this year! So far, I'm having a blast! Brings back the old high school days of being in Mrs. Breen's choir! Alto's rule! Lol!
I'm still into couponing hard-core and am getting a little better at updating my savings blog (
I still work at the YMCA, too.
Well, that's about all that is new with me! I look forward to updating more frequently in 2010!!! I need to turn this thing into a book!


Leah said...

Thanks for the update! I am sooo hooked on blogging now. We don't get FB at work so is where it's at!

Angela Richardson said...

Well, there you are!!! Good to have you back Toni. I'm laughing at "Alto's rule!". Okay...still laughing. You're hilarious. Congrats on 7 pounds! That's awesome. Thanks for the update. Don't be a stranger. (Well, I guess we have our "Bachelor" dishing we can do through email:)