Friday, September 28, 2007

Hooray for Friday!

I am sooo glad it's Friday!
Last night Ugly Betty was on (one of my all time favorite shows) and I just cried my eyes out! The ending was so sad :(
I hope they never do that again! I also caught my other favorite shows, The Office. We have ALL worked someplace like that, before! I am so glad Pam and Jim are finally a couple!!! About time!!!!
This weekend (starting tonight) is going to be crazy for me! When I get out of work, I am running to Alex's school to decorate the cafeteria bulletin board. Then pick up Alex and go to CVS to get signs, make them and hang up everywhere to promote our yard sale tomorrow. Then, run home and finish getting the rest of our junk together for the yard sale. This weekend we need to finish up packing. Then, I have to pack for Chicago because I leave on Tuesday. I get back on Thursday. Whew! I need a nap just thinking about it!
I just got a call from Alex at school. I hate it when she calls me during school hours. The first words out my mouth are always "What did you do"? But, she just forgot her lunch today. Eddie took her to school, so I guess neither one of them saw her lunch box that I packed and strategically placed right next to her backpack. So, he will be making a little trip to school this afternoon with her lunch. Oh, the joys of parenthood!
I'm officially NOT fitting in any of my regular clothes anymore. Yet, I'm no where near big enough to fit in maternity clothes! I can't stand this awkward stage! I don't remember showing this early with Alex, but I guess they say you show earlier with your second child.
Oh, on a random note, I have to tell you about the after school enrichment program at Alex's school. They send home these papers asking you to sign your child up for this program (not mandatory, but you know how west end moms are...if you don't sign your kid up for something, they will gossip about you and how you don't love your child and how you must be poor because you can't afford this program). There are different things your kids can Mad Science Lab (they do really cool science projects), Vets and Pets (self explanitory), Running Club (they create a team and run in the Times Dispatch 1K in November and practice after school)....etc. Well, Alex wanted to do the Running Club. By the way, you have to pay for this. The Running Club was $30, but some of them, like Vets and Pets were $75. So, you can't just fill out the form and send in the $$. They make you come to school and starting at 3pm you can stand in this long a$$ line and personally sign your child up for whatever program you like. Since certain ones fill up, they can only take a certain number of kids per class. So, I don't get off until 5pm and the sign up ends at 6pm. I get in line at around 5:40. OK, I just have to say, that if your a stay at home mom, why the heck do you wait until 5:30 to come and sign up your kids for this?? YOU HAVE ALL DAY!!! So, the rest of us working moms now have to wait about 45 minutes in line because there are only 3 people working the sign up booth. The best part is, the class "Vets and Pets" filled up and they made an announcement about this and all the "muckity muck" moms got really ticked off and just left. Sooooooo you couldn't choose something else?? There was like 15 different classes to choose from!!! Those poor kids! But, yay for me because the line was decreased by about 15 people! Luckily, the Running Club was open when I finally got up there, so Alex is good to go!
I'm working so hard with her trying to get her in better shape! She does 2 hours of volleyball on Sundays and now this. We also watch The Biggest Loser together and we both get inspired from that show!
Anyhow, I know this is just a bunch of random stuff, but I guess that's why I'm a noodle!!! (Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So, tonight is a two hour episode of The Biggest Loser. There I'll be, sitting there with my Ben and Jerry's watching as I religiously do every Tuesday night! I did get some inspiration and went to the gym yesterday and worked out on the eliptical for 30 minutes.
Speaking of yesterday, I had a doctor appointment yesterday. The baby's heartbeat is 156! Last time it was 120. They took 10 more vials of blood from me to see if I have any blood clotting going on. I mean really, can't they tell that by just one vial of blood? Do they really need 10?! I almost passed out! I think they felt bad for me because after they were done, they gave me a juice box and some peanut butter crackers. I felt like I was 5 years old walking out of there munching on Lance peanut butter crackers and a Juicy Juice, but it was yummy! Eddie was with me, so he held my hand the whole time they took my blood. If you can't tell, I absolutely HATE getting my blood taken! It's not like it hurts or anything, it just makes me soooo nautious and I just hate it! But anyways, other than that, everything looks good! I get those test results back in 2 weeks, so we'll see.
Next week I fly to Chicago for my AAU presentation. I'm terrified to fly while I'm pregnant, but the Dr. said it was ok, so I guess it's ok. By the way, my doctor is really cool. She's new to Bon Secours. Her name is Dr. Leigh Lewis and she seems really awesome! She just had a C-Section a year ago, so I feel like she knows exactly how I feel. It looks like I will undergo another C-Section the last week in March of next year. Totally my choice, though. I could try for a regular delivery, but the way I look at it...Why destroy "both" places? (if you know what I mean)!
That poor woman who has 17 know, the Duggar Family? Can you even imagine? All I can say is two words "Grand Canyon"!! Her poor husband, too!
I can't explain my obsession with this family. It's kind of like the freaks with the traveling horrible...yet you can't look away! They even said they can't wait for baby #18! This woman has been pregnant more than half her life!!! Am I the only one out there that finds this bizarre??! I mean, if you have so many kids, that you can have an online quiz called "Name that Duggar", I think you have too many kids!!! I doubt that's what God had in mind when he said "Be fruitful and multiply", but who am I??
Well, I guess I better get back to work, my lunch hour is officially over!
If you haven't heard about this family, here is their website

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Whew! The test results are in!

Well, the doctor called me today to let me know that my test result for the ANA test I took on Friday were negative! YaY! (for now, anyways). They still need to keep an eye on me, but so far, so good! I have a doctor appointment on Monday. I hope they do another ultrasound!
Now, if I can just control my hunger!!!! I just ate a huge salad, so I am trying to eat healthy at least! It's weird, because with Alex, I used to crave orange juice all the time. I really don't crave anything particular so far. Who knows...maybe it will come. Not that I'm complaining!!!!
We are still packing up the house. I didn't realize how much STUFF we jammed into that little house of ours!
I am excited about this weekend, though! We are taking the 'fam and Eddie's sister (it's her b-day) to Chesterfield Berry Farm. I know, I's a little soon for pumpkins, but I LOVE this time of year! They have a huge corn maze, hay rides, pumpkins, pig races, inflatables for kids, pumpkin milkshakes, a huge bon fire for you to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.....and more! The fall is so beautiful here in 'ole VA! I love Halloween, too! Alex wants to be a pirate. I think I'm gonna be a Reno 911 cop! For YEARS I have been trying to convince Eddie to go in with me and be the SNL cheerleaders. Every year he refuses, so I am just giving up. My dream is to be in the cast of Reno 911, so I think it's appropriate! Hopefull this will work...below is a clip from one of my favorite episodes! I WANT THAT JOB!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm famous!!!

Back in July, Alex and I made this cake. We got the idea from the cover of a Woman's Day magazine. We decided to make it for our church picnic. Anyhow, I had emailed it (back in July) to Woman's Day with a little note thanking them for such a cool idea and how much fun my daughter and I had making it.
Well, today I was perusing their website and I saw a section of their favorite reader submitted cakes. Over 600 people submitted entries and Woman's Day picked their favorite 68 and posted them on their website. The cakes are really cool, too. There is one that is like a mountain of banana's and little monkey at the top and one that is an Apple Computer...they are really cool. Then, I get to #29 and I see our cake and Alex and I!!! It's funny because all of the other photos look like they were professionally taken (backdrop and everything) and our picture was taken by us. You know the hold the camera out as far as you can and turn it around and hope it worked! No one else has their mugs in the picture except ours! I was laughing so hard when I came to it! It was so unexpected! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Well, here is the link if you would like to have a good laugh at my expense. Just click on the "Click here to see the cakes"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Food Hangover

I really need to relax on eating!! Seriously!!! I can sit there and eat a HUGE meal, but then a mere 2 hours later, I'm starving like I haven't eaten in days!!!
This past Sunday was the worst. I directed the best little actress this side of the Mississippi (Sommer) in our church drama (which she did a great job, by the way) - "Oh for gosh sakes....just keep the script up there and hide it!!!" Anyhow, I had a big bowl of cereal for breakfast and had to be at church at 9:15. Church didn't start until 11:10, so by 11:45, I was practically in tears and almost had to leave church early because I was so hungry!!! I didn't say goodbye to anyone or anything...I just B-Lined it outta there and Eddie drove me 90 mph to the nearest KFC!!! I think from now on I'll keep some trail mix on me at all times!!
We also started packing up our house, which is lots of "fun". You always find stuff that you forgot you had when you move. I found a pair of shoes that still had the tag on them!! I totally forgot that I bought those last year!! Alex found a doll someone gave her for her birthday last December under her bed and it has never been opened! We have so much stuff that we are just going to have a yard sale next Saturday. I've never had a yard sale before, so this should be interesting!!!
I worked a golf tournament yesterday from 6am-3pm. I could definitely do that all year round. All I had to do was drive around in a beverage cart and hand out beer to all the players in the tournament! It was funny because the girl I was driving with was also pregnant (due in Nov.) so there we were...two prego's driving around in the beer cart! You can only imagine the comments we got!
Check out this shirt...they are out of stock right now....but you KNOW I'm going to get it!!!!
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Friday, September 14, 2007

Potty Talk

Ok, not that I frequently ponder this, but it just came up at work and thought I'd get my "blog on" about it. What's up with all the pressure to not go "#2" while others are in the bathroom? I really think it's a "woman thing". I know speaking for myself, if I have to go, I will hold it until I'm blue in the face and drive home. I refuse to do that at work. Mostly, because EVERYBODY will talk about you! "Oh my gosh...I think Sara stunk up the bathroom because I just went in there and saw someone in stall #4 who has black, closed toed shoes on and she was in there when I walked in and was still in there when I walked out". Then, of course, poor Sara walks out of the bathroom and everyone is giving each other "the look". Also, what's up with the uncomfortable silence while in the bathroom? There should be a radio or something in there. When catching someone in the act of going "#2", you always know what they are doing in there, because they will shuffle their feet as soon as you walk in, or they will blow their nose, or tear off some more toilet paper or cough. Is this a sign to let us know when they are up to so that we will leave? Or is this supposed to create a diversion? Also, if you do stink up the bathroom, do us all a favor and courtisy flush and spray some aerosol! Better yet, use the stalls on the other side of the building! No one works on that side, so you are almost guaranteed a "safe haven"!
Of course, whenever we have to go "#1", it's almost like we are proud of it. We go in, we are all "loud and proud" and are in and out of the stall in 30.2 seconds. We wash our hands and are outta there! Speaking of washing hands, don't you dare leave the bathroom at my job without washing your hands. You will be talked about! I'm a total germaphobe, so I wash my hands and use the paper towel to grab the door handle to get out. But let me tell you something. There are a couple ladies here who do not wash their hands and I refuse to eat any of the food they bring in IF I have to borrow a pen or touch something they have touched, let's just say thank God for anti-bacterial gel!!!!
Well, anyhow, just had to get that off my chest.
I have to go to the doctor today because they called me last night and need to run more Lab work on me. I have some weird blood thing going on to where my blood is so thick that I have to take a baby aspirin every day of my pregnancy. I'm really nervous that they want me to come in again. Please pray that everything is ok for Cletus the Fetus.
I'll keep you posted! My next doc. appointment (other than today) is Sept. 24th.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yay! We are moving!!!!

Whew! Well, thanks for the prayers! We are going with the lower rent option for now so that we can save a little bit more money for a down payment for a house for next year. We signed all the paperwork today! Owning a house would have been nice, but the mortgage payment was really high, and from what I remember, babies are expensive!!!! I know the daycare alone is equal to a mortgage (no joke)!
Anyhow, if you guys have any boxes, please throw them my way! Also, please feel free to donate your husbands to help poor Eddie move our heavy furniture. We will be moving the heavy stuff the weekend of October 6/7.
So, on a more random note, if you would like to purchase Girl Scout peanuts, do let me know! It's that time of year again :)
I would love to show up all those "muckity muck" moms and sell more peanuts than any of their daughters combined! But, I guess that's in my competitive nature. I'm almost ready to sell them on Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, Sams get the picture. All I'm sayin', is if you see a "homeless" woman standing at the light at Wal-Mart, begging all who drive by to please buy peanuts or else my daughter and I will be thrown in the street, it might be me!
What's up with the homeless hanging out there anyway? Seriously....people with money shop at Ukrops!!! They would totally get more sympathy money there! Plus, there is an ABC store right there, which makes it more convenient for them. - That's right....I said it!
Well, take care. RIVERA OUT!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I need a new house!

So, now that we are having a baby, we need a new house! We currently live in a 2 bedroom house, so now we need a 3 bedroom house! I'm totally freaking out! Luckily for us, we are just renting right now and it's month-to-month.
We have been approved for a mortgage, but the monthly price is sooooo high! I'm so nervous about it! We are also looking at this 3 bedroom house that is for rent that is $275 dollars CHEAPER than where we are living now. Ugh....I hate making decisions like this!
I just don't know what to do. Please pray that God will give us a sign!
In addition to all of this, our current rent just went up $50! I think that is a sign to get out of the house, but I just don't know where to go! The landlord on the cheap rental house keeps dragging his feet. The monthly price of a mortgage is ridiculous! So, what is one to do??
Please pray for us!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Ok, ok, ok......I wasn't really ready to tell everybody, but since my daughter totally spilled the beans at church and Rebecca "outed me" in my comments while I was in AZ, I am 10 weeks preggers! Now Rebecca can look and my baby and say "uuuuhhhhggggg"!!!!
I'm not due until late March, so you can see why I didn't really want to tell everyone. Oh, well!!!
Eddie is super excited about it, too!!!
We were just thinking about how fast Alex is growing up and I am soooooo close to her, that I am going to be a total mess when she graduates high school. So, it will be really cool when she graduates that I'll have another one at home that is currently her age. They will be 10 years apart, which works really well for us. Alex is excited to be a big sister. She wants a little sister. I really don't care what I have, as longs as it's healthy!
Oh, also- Arizona is the shiz!!!! Did you ever see that show on tv "The next Best Thing"? It was a reality show consisting of the world's best impersonators. Here is the website:
Anyhoo, I met Lucille Ball!!! She sat down at my table and we laughed and talked forever!!! We got along really well! But, then again, does that really surprise you??
Ok- I am going to try to post some pictures here. If it works out, the first one is of Lucy and I. The second one is a picturs of the building I stayed in at the Arizona Biltmore. The third one is the view from my room at the Biltmore. Enjoy :)
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